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Halogen-free wheelset temperature probe for railway technology

For reliable bearing temperature monitoring in wheelset gears

PI 1813

Halogen-free wheelset temperature probe for railway technology

JUMO has been developing, producing, and marketing sensors for industrial temperature measurement applications for over 60 years. The new wheelset temperature probe made of halogen-free materials represents an innovation. It has been tested and verified according to the required railway standards such as IEC/EN 61 373 ("mechanical shock"), category 3. The requirements of the standard are based on an operating life of 20 years in harsh rail operation. Meeting these requirements contributes significantly to the high operational reliability of the probe.

In addition to the mechanical stress test a four-day salt spray test was conducted in a climatic chamber. The new temperature probe completed this test without any problems so that the probe can be used without restrictions in areas with salty air (e.g. near the coast).

The temperature probe can be manufactured with different sensors (e.g. Pt 100 or Pt 1000) as well as with NTCs in various combinations (e.g. 1 x 2-wire, 1 x 4-wire, or 2 x 2-wire). This option allows for maximum flexibility and enables easy adaptation of the probe to the specific application.

The features listed here demonstrate that the wheelset temperature probe meets the extreme reliability requirements in railway technology. The corrugated tubing seal on the measuring head of the sensor, for which a European patent is pending, provides additional safety and reliability. As a result the temperature probe has a high protection type (IP68/10bar). At the same time the corrugated tubing seal stops water from penetrating, thereby preventing the hose from bursting in the winter.

In addition, condensation effects from temperature fluctuations do not cause the probe to lose its seal. Such temperature fluctuations can occur when frequently entering and exiting tunnels.



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