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New Hygrostats for Indoor Use

PI 1780

New Hygrostats for Indoor Use

A new generation with a completely new design is now replacing the previous highly-successful and proven JUMO device series of indoor hygrostats. Development for the new device focused not only on flawless engineering, but also on the design of the indoor hygrostat. As a result, the new case not only features better key measuring technology data, but also impressive elegance, easy installation, and robustness.

As before, the case bottom section can simply be mounted at the location of your choice. Matching fastening points are now provided for installation in a flush-mounted box. After the electrical connection is established, simply attach the upper part and click it in place. If necessary the new quick locks can be opened again just as easily without having to use any tools.

Hygrostats are essentially two-point switches that are used as a simple method of regulating relative humidity. No electrical power supply is required for them. A hygroscopic fiber measuring element tests the air humidity and converts the measured value into an ON/OFF signal using a microswitch. The setpoint value dial, which can be adjusted within the range of 30 to 100 % r.h., can optionally be concealed in a case to prevent unwanted adjustment. A gold changeover contact is now also available for control of electronic units to ensure reliable control of low currents in the range of 1 to 100 mA.

Hygrostats are used most often for humidifying and dehumidifying air. They are also used to monitor the climate in residential and office buildings, computer rooms, and storage buildings as well as control cabinets.



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