18 nowych praktykantów, 2 studentów studiów dualnych i 8 jednorocznych stażystów przyjętych na początku szkolenia

2 sierpnia 28 młodych mężczyzn i kobiet rozpoczęło praktykę, roczny staż lub studia dualne u jednego z największych pracodawców w regionie. W ten sposób JUMO nadal wyraźnie koncentruje się na temacie "zabezpieczania młodych talentów od wewnątrz", aby przeciwdziałać niedoborowi wykwalifikowanych pracowników.

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The new colleagues were welcomed by JUMO managing director and shareholder Bernhard Juchheim, human resources manager Alexandra Dantmann, works council chairman Thomas Müller, and all the trainers. In his welcoming speech, Bernhard Juchheim emphasized the important role of in-house training for the company: "We are currently experiencing a fundamental shift towards a digital industry. Therefore, more than ever, JUMO needs committed and enthusiastic employees to accompany this change."

Alexandra Dantmann explained that the search for trainees was a particular challenge this year: "Due to the Corona pandemic, almost the entire application and recruitment process could only be carried out online. I'm all the more pleased that, despite this, almost 30 young people found their way to us again."

Of the 28 junior employees, 13 are starting training in metal and electrical engineering professions, four are starting as industrial clerks, one as an IT specialist, two as dual students and 8 as FOS trainees.

The new trainees and interns received important information about their new employer on their first day of work. Each trainee was also assigned a godmother or godfather. These are trainees from the second or third year of training who act as contact persons during the initial period.

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