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JUMO MIDAS S21 Ex - Pressure Transmitter for Use in Ex-Areas (404710)


  • ATEX approval
  • Measuring ranges from 0.25 to 100 bar relative and absolute pressure version
  • Medium temperature: -40 to +85 °C
  • Accuracy: as of 0.3 % MSP
  • Reverse-polarity protection
  • A wide range of process connections
  • Completely welded measuring system
  • Compact design type as of 59 mm in height

Korzyści dla Klienta

  • Wide range of possible applications due to modular structure
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
  • Suitable for areas subjected to explosion hazards
  • Minimal effort when mounting and installing reduces costs
  • Safe installation through reverse polarity protection


  • Oil, fuel, natural gas
  • Painting plants / painting robots
  • Process technology and process engineering
  • Plant engineering
  • Testing and laboratory technology
  • Chemicals


The JUMO MIDAS S21 Ex pressure transmitter is designed to be modular and is available with various process connections. The measuring system is fully welded and has ATEX approval. The pressure transmitter is available for measuring ranges from 0.25 to 100 bar relative pressure and 1 to 25 bar absolute pressure. Medium temperature can be between -40 and +85 °C. JUMO MIDAS S21 Ex is made completely from stainless steel and is characterized by high chemical resistance. The high overload capability and long-term stability of the piezoresistive silicon sensor ensure optimal process reliability. Thanks to the ATEX approval the device is particularly suitable for pressure measurement in solvent cleaning systems, painting plants, or cooling systems with ammonia. However, the JUMO MIDAS S21 Ex is also ideal for use on pumps or compressors in mechanical and plant engineering as well as in the chemical industry.

Further technical information is available in the Documentation category.


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