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Stable and Temperature-Resistant

New attractively priced cases offer even better protection for temperature probes

PI 1955

Stable and Temperature-Resistant

Various attractively priced plastic cases for temperature probes, certified to protection class IP65, are now a new addition to the JUMO product range. The cases are temperature resistant from -50 to +100 °C and are particularly easy to install thanks to a lid with a quick-release fastener.

The cases for interior use are available with an internal or external sensor and a protection tube for channel measurements. The integrated transmitter is also suitable for wireless transmission of the measured values with the JUMO Wtrans system.

A contact probe with flexible measuring insert guarantees optimal thermal connection to reduce measurement deviations. The cases are available with different sensor types such as Pt100, Ni 1000, M235Z, and various NTCs.



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