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JUMO IMAGO F3000 Process, control and regulation unit with TFT display and new design

PI 1682

JUMO IMAGO F3000  Process, control and regulation unit with TFT display and new design

The JUMO IMAGO F3000 was specially developed for control and regulation of cooking, smoking and air conditioning systems as well as for devices such as smoke generators and catalytic converters, etc.
The screen displays in the basic setting and in automatic mode for displaying all relevant process values can be individually combined by the user. This makes it possible to position texts, process values, background images and icons freely. A status line shows the last alarm and predefined items of information.
The LED display is 12 mm high, making it easy to read the most important process data even from far away. Special functions can be assigned to individual keys. The math and logic function allows the user to make more extensive individual adjustments.
The compact instrument can be optimally adjusted to the system with pinboards. Analog and binary input and output boards as well as various interface boards are available for this purpose.
Up to 99 programs with 99 sections each can be saved under user-defined names. All processes required in the system are determined in 99 predefined steps. Then they are simply called when the program is entered.
Plug-and-play storage is also possible to save all data present in the instrument, thus facilitating problem-free hardware replacement without loss of data. A setup program and program editor are available for programming and configuration.



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