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JUMO Dtrans T100 New temperature probe with two-wire transmitter for the food and pharmaceutical industries

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JUMO Dtrans T100  New temperature probe with  two-wire transmitter for the food and pharmaceutical industries

To increase its market share in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, JUMO GmbH & Co. KG, Fulda, Germany, has developed a new RTD probe that comes with numerous advantages for the user. The system is fully encapsulated within the sensor housing and complies with the exacting requirements of these sectors. The screw-in RTD, which is extremely compact, consists of a protection tube with an integrated temperature sensor, a process connection, and an attached housing for the transmitter electronics. The user can choose from a large variety of process connections, such as screw fittings, taper nipples, clamping nipples, weld-in sockets, weld-in ball sockets, Varivent® connections or weld-in ball sleeves.

The protection tube is made from stainless steel. And, with the machinery connector plugged on, the instrument is protected to IP67 in accordance with EN 60 529. The integrated digital two-wire transmitter converts the resistance value into a current signal. The measurement range as well as further parameters necessary for operation, or optional parameters, are all configurable through the setup program. The 4–20mA output signal (or reversed: 20–4mA) is provided in linearized form (linear with temperature). The instrument is designed for industrial application and complies with the European standards for assuring electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
A high-temperature version of the Dtrans T100 RTD probe with extension piece is also available. With built-in transmitter, it can measure up +260°C (+500°F), without extension it covers the range from –50 to +200°C (–58 to +392°F).
And there's yet another version: without extension piece and no programmable two-wire transmitter integrated. This serves for measuring temperatures within the range from
–50 to +150°C (–58 to +302°F). The electrical connection is made through a 4-pole M12x1 machinery connector. Pt100 or Pt1000 temperature sensors in two- or four-wire circuit are used as the sensing devices. A customer-specific factory setting enables users to define parameters according to their individual needs. The JUMO Dtrans T100 RTD probe is EHEDG-approved and therefore the perfect match for the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries.



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